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Working Your Land

Income from the land is an important objective for most landowners. This section provides sources of information and assistance for various land enterprises.



Agroforestry | Christmas Trees | Ecotourism | Ecosystem Services | Hunting Leases, Fee Fishing and Related Opportunities

Livestock | Mushrooms | Pine Straw | Row Crops, Fruits and Vegetables | Timber

Quick Links to Assistance

Florida Resource and Assistance Map Viewer: This simple interface is designed to help inform management by allowing you to explore a suite of data layers and models. You’ll find information on landowner assistance programs, priority natural resources, biodiversity, landscape connectivity and integrity, surface waters, and more.

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service - Florida assists landowners and agricultural producers with conserving soil, water, and other natural resources. Services include technical assistance based on sound science and suited to the customer's specific needs. Financial assistance and incentives are provided through cost-share and easement programs.

USDA Farm Service Agency - Florida is responsible for implementing farm conservation programs and assisting with regulatory guidelines. Services include various farm and conservation loans, conservation programs, commodity operations assistance, mediation, and more.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission - Landowner Assistance Program encourages cooperative working partnerships with private landowners and managers. Landowner Assistance Biologists help with measures to conserve wildlife and habitat, while keeping the land productive for many forestry,agricultural and recreational uses.

Florida Forest Service - Services for Landowners include technical forestry assistance from county foresters, assistance with best management practices to protect water quality and imperiled species, cost-share programs, and grants.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Partners for Fish & Wildlife Program works with private landowners to improve fish and wildlife habitat on their lands. Services inlcude technical and financial assistance.

University of Florida IFAS Extension has offices in each of Florida’s 67 counties as well as 12 Research and Education Centers (RECs), Research and Demonstration Sites (RDSs), and several other offices located throughout the state. UF/IFAS Faculty provide the latest research based information and technology on a variety of agriculture, natural resource and other topics.

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