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Working Your Land

Wildlife, Hunting Leases, Fee Fishing and Related Opportunities

Residents and non-residents spend over $6 billion annually on fish- and wildlife-associated recreation, with over 220,000 hunters contributing $394 million to this total. Incorporating hunting as an alternative enterprise on your land can generate income through access fees, the harvesting of specific animals, and the sale of items associated with these activities such as food, lodging, and guide services.

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Eco/Agritourism typically involves charging fees for access to your property for wildlife-related recreational activities such as hiking, canoeing, camping, and photography, or from the sale of items associated with these activities such as maps, food, canoe rentals, etc.


Management Information

White-Tailed Deer Harvest Record Form (PDF): as referenced on the Florida Land Steward Calendar, use this form to record harvest date, sex, age, weight, condition, anter measurements, and reproductive information.

SFYL - Hunting and Game Management: portal to all game and hunting information from UF-IFAS.

UF-IFAS SFYL - Wildlife: portal to all wildlife information from UF-IFAS.

UF-IFAS Wildlife Publications: a source of UF/IFAS publications on Florida’s wildlife and their management.

UF-IFAS Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation - Wildlife Extension: Wildlife Extension specialists in the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation serve, advise, and develop educational programs for Florida citizens in conjunction with county extension agents and other state, county, and local organizations interested in wildlife issues.

UF-IFAS SFYL - Fishing: portal to all fisheries information from UF-IFAS.

UF-IFAS Fish Publications

UF-IFAS Fisheries Publications

UF-IFAS School of Forest Resources and Conservation - Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences : Contacts and publications covering a variety of topics pertaining to fisheries, commercial ornamental aquaculture and non-native aquatic species. 


Management Information

UF-IFAS SFYL - Ecotourism: portal to all eco/agritourism related information from UF-IFAS.

UF-IFAS School of Forest Resources and Conservation Ecotourism Extension: The Ecotourism Research Group at University of Florida’s School of Forest Resources and Conservation conducts various research projects throughout Florida and the world to better plan and manage for ecotourism on public and private lands.


Management Assistance

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Landowner Assistance Program; provides a "one-stop-shop" for landowner's needing habitat management assistance.

Forest Service’s Forest Stewardship Program: if you have 20 acres or more, Florida’s Forest Stewardship Program offers landowners assistance with developing a multiple-objective forest management plan and provides access to a multitude of educational resources and programs.

Florida’s USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service: assists landowners with conserving their soil, water, and other natural resources. NRCS delivers technical assistance based on sound science and suited to the customer's specific needs. Cost shares and financial incentives are available in some cases.

Florida’s Tree Farm Program: for landowners with 10 acres or more, the Tree Farm Program offers similar services and benefits as the Forest Stewardship Program above.

Your UF-IFAS County Extension Agent: UF/IFAS has Extension offices in each of Florida’s 67 counties. Twelve Research and Education Centers, Research and Demonstration Sites, and several other offices are located throughout the state.

Florida Forest Service's Vendor Database: Find private assistance to complete plans and practices; vendors and buyers of forest products, etc

Florida Forest Stewardship Program - Directory: contacts to hundreds of forestry or natural resource agencies, organizations and businesses.

last updated 9/19/16